happy kids are messy.

cossettie’s mission is to help keep little ones clean through innovative baby essentials that are easy to carry, use and wash


We are Meredith and Becky, the co-founders of Cossettie. We are two sisters with a total of 5 little ones running around. As working moms and love for travel, we are always looking for baby items that are convenient, easy to use and keep our kids clean. It amazed us how big and bulky a lot of baby items were and it felt like we needed a rolling suitcase to bring stuff along for our kids. So…an idea was born, which blossomed into more ideas and products. In the end our goal is to provide compact, quality, easy to use, washable baby products that help prevent contact to germs and keep kids clean.


We were on our daily “what are you up to” phone call and started talking about shopping cart and high chair covers. We both liked the idea of them and saw the need for them (see Meredith’s little guy below). However, all of the ones on the market were huge. You literally had to carry it in addition to the diaper bag. That was never going to happen when also pushing a stroller and holding the hand of a toddler.

We thought, this is ridiculous, we know we can create one that is much more compact. Once we created the first prototype and started using it. Then we thought of more ideas… and the cossettie product line was born. We are continuously thinking of new ways to take everyday baby/toddler necessities and streamlining them. Life is already crazy, we need simple, easy to use products!


We wanted a name that had meaning, but also was unique and cute. The prefix “cosset” means to “care for and protect in an overindulgent way.” All of our products are meant to help keep little ones clean and all mothers overindulge their kids at one point or another. So we just added the “tie” to the end to make it a little cuter and Cossettie was born. Since then we have heard Cossettie can be a female name too. Although Cossettie is for sure our baby, there are no people named Cossettie in our family.


As mothers we always want the very best for our kids and meeting the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards is a must. All of our products have been tested by a third party CPSC certified lab and meet all standards including lead, flammability, and small parts. Get familiar with the CPSC requirements for baby products at www.cpsc.gov.

Our products are manufactured overseas in China. In order to ensure we are working with the best manufactures, we work with the associates at Ningbo Global Sourcing (ningboglobalsourcing.com). Ningbo Global follows strict manufacturing quality standards and has a team of engineers that review and audit products before they are shipped overseas to ensure they meet all quality requirements.

Meredith Worniak is a stay at home mom with three wonderful kids – a 5 year old daughter, 3 year old son and 4 month old daughter. Meredith worked in the financial industry in strategic marketing for 8 years and then decided to focus full time on her family and Cossettie. Meredith holds a Bachelor Degree in Management, with a Minor in Japanese from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. She enjoys traveling, doing crafts and activities with her kids, working out and thinking up the next compact baby product for Cossettie.

Rebecca Cutler is a full time working mom; blessed with a work schedule that allows her to stay home with her two adorable sons. Rebecca holds a bachelor degree in Health and Fitness from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. When not juggling a full time job and two kids, Rebecca enjoys activities with her kids, hiking, traveling, working out, and assisting with the development of Cossettie.